Sandra FREI

Over the last five years, the Swiss rider with residence in Flims evolved to one of the dominating members of the national snowboard cross team - with an easy to specify turning point in the career of Sandra Frei.

It was January 14th, 2007, when the 1984 born power woman stepped out of the shadow of her so far most popular countrywoman Tanja Frieden. By winning Silver at the 7th FIS Snowboard World Championships taking place in Arosa, Switzerland, her home country, she gained the confidence which made her strong enough to establish herself at the top of the ladies' World Cup field in seasons thereafter.

In this last years, Frei, who grew up with two brothers and two sisters has become one of the most complete female riders winning four of her 50 World Cup starts until the end of the 2011 season. Due to her strong physical riding style the school teacher not only made it to almost every semi final but also earned the respect of her competitors.

But although the friendly pro snowboarder who calls herself a slob who is able to overseas her chaos has achieved a lot so far, the chocolate addict is not done yet.