Although he is one of the most influential men in the snowboard cross circuit it took Seth Wescott a while to change the riding gear.

Born 1976 in Sugerloaf, ME, Wescott was - needless to say - into winter sports. After he had been on skis at the age of eight he did some racing for two years before he started to ride his first snowboard turns. In the beginning, he didn't focus on a specific discipline but enjoyed his time in the halfpipe expressing him and also the speed by running the mountain fast.

Things changed when Wescott was informed that snowboard cross would be an Olympic discipline. Ever since, the focus was on this race format.

But Wescott, who enjoys his annual spring trips to Alaska's Chugach Mountains and the shores of Costa Rica, never really put the things together, well, on a World Cup level. It seemed that his highly decorated athlete would never make it to the top of the podium as he hasn't done so at the X Games yet.

Although he had been the Olympics' history first ever snowboard cross champion (2006), it took the 2005 FIS Snowboard World Champion, who also had put two Silver medals to his belt in 2003 and 2007, almost eight years from his first ever snowboard cross World Cup participation until his first ever win, which he finally was able to celebrate in Arosa four days before Christmas 2008.

No wonder that he pointed out back then: "I was feeling confident and I got it done. It was nice to get it over with."

But if you thought the part owner of the "The Rack", a brew pub and restaurant in Sugerloaf, fed up with competing you might have been proven wrong in 2010 again when this confident rider successfully kept hold to his Olympic title thus becoming the second ever snowboarder to celebrate a back-to-back Olympic win!

With the 2014 Sochi Olympics to come in February, Seth is trying everything to be ready for another shot. Coming back from a knee injury, the 2014 winter season will not only be about qualifying for the Olympics, but also about getting back in shape, right in time.