Ski Jumping

The meetings in Ski Jumping focused primarily on a review of the FIS Grand Prix this summer and presentation of calendar drafts for summer 2018 as well as winter 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Green light for qualification format

A system was tested during the Summer Grand Prix with no pre-qualified athletes. All competitors had to go through the qualification round. Previously, the Top 10 of the overall World Cup standings were pre-qualified for World Cup events. Now, they will have to finish among the best 50 in the qualification round in order to qualify for the competition. This system will be used in the upcoming winter.


The Ski Jumping Sub-Committee for Equipment & Development evaluated the experience gained from the Grand Prix with changes to the requirements for suit plombing (approval marker). In the future, ski jumping suits will no longer be plombed but checked before and tested after the competition. Additionally, two-piece underwear will become mandatory for all athletes.

Competition calendars

The competition calendars for the upcoming winter 2017/18 and draft calendars for the summer 2018 and the 2018/19 winter season were published.

All calendars can be found here.