Strengthening the future of clean sport

The annual World Anti-Doping Agency Symposium brought together more than 740 participants from International Federations, National Anti-Doping Agencies, the International Olympic Committee, Major Event Organisers, members of the WADA Athletes Commission, Laboratory Directors and for the first year also representatives from governments in Lausanne (SUI). The first day was also open to the media.

‘Tackling our Challenges and Strengthening the Future of Clean Sport’ was the topic that was discussed amongst experts from all over the world during three days. Compliance with the WADA Code was identified as one of the key elements for the future.

Highlights of the symposium included a speech by Professor McLaren on ‘The Aftermath of the Independent Investigations into Russia’ and ‘What Lessons are there for the Anti-Doping Community’. Further highlights included the presence of the Russian Sports Minister as well as a round table with British cyclist Toby Atkins, who shared his story to uncover doping in his former team, and what made him to come forward with his knowledge.

Members of the WADA Athletes Commission were on stage to underline the athletes view on what steps need to be taken in the way forward for clean sport.

FIS was represented by its Anti-Doping Expert Rasmus Damsgaard and Anti-Doping Coordinator Sarah Fussek.