Updates from Grass Skiing

The FIS Grass Skiing Committee met on 26th May in Portoroz (SLO), with the main focus on the upcoming season. The Committee submitted a number of proposals to the FIS Council which it had approved, including updates to the International Competition Rules which it had approved during the meeting.

Working Groups

Several Working Groups were established including one for International Competition Rules for Children’s Grass Skiiing and one for the promotion of Grass Skiing among youth, focusing on enhancing collaboration between the nations.

A third Working Group was established for Tele-Grass Skiing. In collaboration with Telemark Canada, the development of a ski is planned to be used for training for Telemark athletes during the summer. The collaboration also foresees the staging of a combined event for Grass Skiing and Telemark. Concrete plans will be presented to the Committee at the autumn meetings in October 2017.

Kids Camp

This summer, a kids camp will be organised in Rettenbach (AUT) where 70 children from up to 14 nations will work on their Grass Skiing skills and participate in fun poly-sports sessions.


A positive sign for the expansion of Grass Skiing is that a number of skiing resorts and nations including Denmark and the United States have expressed interest to provide training opportunities for athletes which often leads to the future organisation of FIS Grass Ski Races, and the Grass Skiing Committee has taken up talks with the respective National Ski Associations.

Grass Skiing Season Underway

The FIS Grass Skiing World Cup 2017 kicked off last weekend, from 10th-11th June, in Rettenbach with Jaqueline Gerlach (AUT) and Eduardo Frau (ITA) taking victories.

Further stops include Montecampione (ITA), Marbachegg (SUI) and Predklasteri (CZE) before the final events in Santa Caterina (ITA) from 24th-25th August.

The season’s highlights will be the World Championships from 5th-10th September in Kaprun (AUT) and the Junior World Championships from 29th August to 1st September in Sauris (ITA).

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