Vogtland Arena Klingenthal welcomes one millionth visitor

The Vogtland Arena in Klingenthal, host of numerous Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined competitions, had another big day last week as the one millionth visitor to the arena was welcomed by district administrator Rolf Keil, Klingenthal’s mayor Thomas Hennig and VSC Klingenthal Vice President Marcus Stark.  

The lucky recipient of flowers, sparkling wine and VIP tickets for the FIS Ski Jumping Summer Grand Prix for ladies and men on the 3rd of October was Detlef Classe, who visited with his wife and grandchildren.  

“This is such a nice surprise”, Classe commented. “Our grandchildren like it here, they love to take the lift up to the in-run tower. We haven’t seen a ski jumping event yet and look forward to enjoy the Summer Grand Prix finals as VIP guests.” 

Rolf Keil, who also leads the Vogtland tourism association said, “One million visitors is impressive, especially because the most people are day visitors, who come just to see the arena. The Sparkasse Vogtland arena has developed into the touristic and economic hotspot it was planned to be. ” 

Since February 2006, over 350,000 spectators attended 82 international competitions in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, about 15,000 attended the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup in the past winter. Another 50,000 people were drawn by company events or leisure sports events and about 600,000 were day guests coming to see the facility. The beloved “WieLi” lift and its wagons, transporting visitors, athletes and officials to the in-run tower has been operated for 24,514 hours which equals 2.8 years.