Bridging cultural gaps

Volunteers are essential to the success of all sporting events and Bring Children to the Snow events have some of the best. We have the privilege to hear a lot of great stories about them at FIS, including the story of Ahmed. 

Born in Sweden to Somali parents, Ahmed discovered snow sports as a participant in Alla på snö (Everyone on Snow). A registered FIS SnowKidz Organiser, Alla på snö is Sweden’s national programme to introduce new children to snow sports. The programme achieves this vision by staging events throughout Sweden that allow children to get involved in snow sports. Ahmed took full advantage of this and within a short space of time took to snow sports with full enthusiasm.

After enjoying the events and activities Ahmed looked to continue participating in Alla på snö. Now in high school, Ahmed decided to join the Swedish Leaders On Snow programme, which allows high school students to voluntarily donate their time to lead Alla på snö activities. When asked about being a leader, Ahmed responded: 

“Because I was allowed to lead groups and use my experience, it has been rewarding and insightful. Also, since some of the participating children speak Somali, I can help them better. Explaining in Somali and Swedish how to do the “pizza slice” on skis has been fun”.

During his time as a Leader on Snow, Ahmed has had a number of special moments. When asked about his most special one, he recalls a time when a child did not want to try skiing because of a fear of injury. Ahmed spent time with the young student and eventually motivated him to slide a small distance on skis. Within seconds the fourth grader found the joy in the sport and was hooked. The young boy approached Ahmed after the event, said thank you and explained that he had motivated him to continue.

Now 19 years old, Ahmed has completed high school and the Leaders On Snow programme. His time, dedication and enthusiasm are a testament to the value of volunteers and how snow sports, like other sports, are bridge between cultural gaps. 

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