FIS celebrates International Volunteer Day and International Mountain Day

With the 5th December marking the International Volunteer Day and 11th December, the International Mountain day, FIS is using the opportunity to draw attention to two topics at the heart of snow sports: the protection of mountains and the celebration of volunteer engagement.

Mandated by the UN General Assembly, International Volunteer day is a chance for organisations to celebrate their efforts and to promote their work among their communities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, government authorities and the private sector. While International Mountain Day draws attention to the crucial role mountains play, not only in snow sports but also in providing key ecosystem goods and services to the planet and their vulnerability in the face of climate change.

On 11th December, people all over the world started to use the hashtag #MountainsMatter on all social media channels, specifying why mountains matter for them and FIS would like to invite all snow sports fans to do the same.

On behalf of all Organising Committees across Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines, FIS would like to take the opportunity to thank all volunteers for their engagement, enthusiasm and support. They are at the foundation of every ski club and event all over the world. Without their engagement and huge contribution, it would be impossible to carry out FIS competitions at all levels in addition to national events and ski club activities.  

BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero Award

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) introduced their “Get Inspired Unsung Hero Award” to honour people who are passionate about their causes at the grassroots level. This year, Molly and Norman Gill won in the Yorkshire area. They set up Sheffield Sharks Ski Club in the 1980s and continue to help train the next generation of skiers in Great Britain on the slopes of Castleford. Learn more about them here: Molly and Norman Gill