FIS Statement regarding doping arrests in Seefeld (AUT)

Today in Seefeld (AUT) the Austrian police detained five cross-country athletes during a surprise raid “razzia” under their national laws relating to doping. The athletes are from Austria, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

The Austrian Police held a press conference to brief the media on the situation, of which a full release can be found here.

As part of the briefing, the authorities stated that the arrests were part of a wide, long-term, investigation into a doping operation by a German Sports Medicine doctor involving multiple sports, “on suspicion of commercial sport fraud and the use of illicit substances and methods of doping purposes.”

FIS is working closely with the Austrian public authorities in view of today’s events and will follow up the cases and take the necessary actions in accordance with the FIS and World Anti-Doping Rules.

FIS will fulfill its mandate as the governing body to ensure that the integrity of the sport remains intact and to protect all clean athletes.

For Information: Seefeld 2019 Anti-Doping Fact sheet