National Ski Association News - 12 December

Norwegian Ski Association involved in research project on snow of the future

The Norwegian research project “Snow for the Future” has received 4.4 million Norwegian crowns in support to work on the development of the environmentally friendly “snow of the future”. Due to the warmer climate and less and less snow falling, snow production has developed into an industry to keep ski tourism alive. 

Researchers from SINTEF Energi and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are working together with the Norwegian Ski Association, the Norwegian Biathlon Association, the City of Trondheim and the ski industry to develop more sustainable solutions for the future. 

In phase one of the project, existing technology and improvement potential were mapped and concepts developed that utilise surplus heat from plants. Another focus was the development of a tool that can contribute to optimal planning and operation of sports facilities dependent on snow. The goal is a tool that can minimize the risk of "running out of snow". The model uses historical climate data and can evaluate possible future scenarios.

The research has now entered the second phase with the Norwegian environmental protection agency and the department of culture supporting the project with funding. 

“Phase One of the project was completed in May 2018 and research results show that this technology has potential, says Petter Nekså, chief researcher at SINTEF Energy. "In Phase Two, the project will contribute to leading players from the snow manufacturing industry, and the ambition is that the team of researchers and industry developers will have a prototype with lower energy consumption and greater production capacity than is the case with today's temperature-independent solutions within a few years."

"In an environmental perspective, it is important to adapt to a future with less snow and less cold, as well as to do what we can to help fulfil the goals of the Paris agreement," says Norwegian Ski Association president Erik Røste.

Read more about the project on the website of the Norwegian Ski Association.

Khatan Rentsendorj elected President of Mongolian Ski Federation

The Mongolian Ski Federation General Assembly was held in Ulaanbaatar on the 10thNovember with 103 delegates from 15 ski clubs voting for the President, Executive Board, Disciplinary Committee and Board of Supervisors.

Former board member Mrs. Khatan Rentsendorj was elected as President of the Mongolian Ski Federation for the next four years with a total of 40 votes. Rentsendorj declared that the Mongolian Ski Federation will continue to serve to the world of snow sports in close cooperation with FIS.

The Mongolian Ski Federation board meeting was held in Ulaanbaatar on the 23rdNovember with 15 delegates to select the General Secretary of Mongolian Ski Federation. Mrs. Munguntsetseg Luvsandorj was unanimously selected Secretary General of the Mongolian Ski Federation for the next four years.