New FIS terminology sees 'women' replace 'ladies'

At its recently concluded Meeting in Cavtat-Dubrovnik (CRO), the FIS Council approved a joint proposal of the Gender Equity Working Group, the Sub-Committees for Ladies´ Cross-Country and Alpine Skiing, as well as the Athletes Commission to change the official FIS terminology from “Ladies” to “Women” - only in the English language - in all applicable places, i.e. documents, titles, web site, technical materials, official communications etc.

FIS realises that the implementation of this change will have a transition period and cannot be replaced everywhere immediately. Nevertheless, the National Ski Associations and all stakeholders are requested to please start to use the new terminology of “women” when communicating in English, in day-to-day business and on any new materials produced.

This change does not apply for French or German, where the previous FIS terminology will continued to be used, mirroring the terminology of the IOC using: “Women, Dames, Damen”.