Roller Skiing in Thailand grows
Roller Skiing is spreading in Thailand

Thanks to a number of active promoters, Roller Skiing is a growing sport in Thailand. Recently, FIS TD and Cross-Country Skiing enthusiast Georg Zipfel (GER) visited Thailand to help build the training know-how, share experience and motivate kids, youth and adults to go out and try Roller Skiing. 

Another driving force of the Roller Skiing development in Thailand is Karl Fred Kristensen originally from Norway who now lives in Chumphon and leads the local Roller Skiing club. The mission of the club is not only to teach kids how to roller ski but also to introduce Roller Skiing to Thailand on a larger scale.

Together with the Ski and Snowboard Association of Thailand’s Secretary General Sueb Tarasiri, two events were planned in late August and October. During the first seminar,which took place from the 22ndto the 26thof August, different workshops and two races, an individual start and a mass start were held. More than 65 children between the ages of five to eighteen had a chance to take part in the various training, education and motivation activities. 

Georg Zipfel said, “To see the motivation and fun everybody was having was amazing. Even some of the parents of the participating children tried out roller skiing for the first time. In line with the presentation we had in the Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Youth & Children’s Questions, we believe this project can serve as a model and inspiration for other regions and countries without snow.”

Further roller ski activities like are planned in Thailand during October.