Several disciplines prepare for winter with TD Seminars

To prepare for another season full of activity with more than 7’000 competitions on the FIS Calendar that will be supervised by FIS international technical officials, TD seminars and updates were held in the disciplines of Ski Jumping, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowboard in the past days. 

FIS Ski Jumping TD Seminar in Zakopane (POL)

Experienced Technical Delegates and TD candidates met for two days of training in Zakopane (POL). Under the direction of Ivo Greger (CZE) and divided into two groups, the participants analysed past competitions and discussed rule changes as well as the basic preparation of a competition.

"The exchange of experiences among colleagues is always a fundamental part for every TD, that's why we emphasise these discussions at the seminars and always allow extra time for them", explains Greger.

For the TD candidates, the seminar was first and foremost about learning what it's all about - apart from the required theoretical and practical expertise. A visit of the legendary Wielka Krokiew hill in Zakopane was also on the schedule and details of the facility were analysed from a technical perspective.

One of the main topics of the 2018 seminar was e-learning. Three years ago, a working group headed by Ueli Forrer and Ivo Greger began tackling the issue of e-learning. With the TD seminar in Zakopane, Ski Jumping TDs started taking advantage of the opportunities that e-learning is offering.

The experienced TDs checked their knowledge with a 60 minute long test consisting of 40 questions, and the TD candidates used the new system on the second day when it was time for the theoretical exam of the TD training - without a single sheet of paper. Each candidate had one hour to answer 40 questions out of the FIS SJ database. Right after the test, every participant and the examination board could check the results in detail - thanks to e-learning.  "The candidates were very well prepared for this test, we can all be very satisfied with the result", COC Coordinator Horst Tielman summed up the results.

Snowboard TD Clinic and Update in Belgrade

The Ski Association of Serbia hosted a Snowboard TD Clinic and Update in Belgrade on 13thand 14th October 2018. Led by by Peter Krogoll, FIS Coordinator for Snowboard and Freestyle, the TD Clinic had 23 participants from ten nations (UKR, SLO, GRE, BUL, SVK, TUR, MKD, BIH, CRO, SRB). On this occasion, the Serbian hosts also qualified their first TD, Severin Pavlovic. 

FIS representative Peter Krogoll was very satisfied with the hosts and participation in the event and praised the number and diversity of participants. 

Milan Bozic, Secretary General of Ski Association of Serbia, Milan Bozic concluded: “As a member of the SES nations, Serbia is increasing its presence in the FIS Family with many different activities, including various meetings, seminars, international competitions and events for children in the framework of the „SnowKidz“ and „World Snow Day“ programmes.”

FIS TD Seminar for OPA countries in Valdidentro

In cooperation with FISI, Proloco, the municipality of Valdidentro and Alta Valtellina Ski Club, FIS organised a seminar for Cross-Country Technical Delegates from OPA Alpencup countries. More than sixty participants from eleven countries took part. 

TD and TD candidates from traditional OPA countries were accompanied by participants from Great Britain, Serbia and Finland. Six candidates passed the exams and many new participants were registered as TD candidates. 

The seminar was led by the Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Rules and Control, Karl-Heinz Lickert and experienced TDs, Uros Ponikvar and Anna Rosa. Thevarious topics of the lectures ranged from ICR and other rules updates, special rules for classical technique, course preparation, roller skiing and popular skiing competitions and rules, to case studies and open discussion.