SnowKidz Award 2020 regulations released

In order to assist Organisers and National Ski Associations plan for the next edition of the SnowKidz Award, FIS has released the 2020 SnowKidz Award regulations. 

The Award regulations provide information on the process for how the 2020 SnowKidz Award will be conducted. In comparison to the 2018 edition there have been three key amendments to the Award. They are:

1. An eighth judging criteria has been added called “Evolution”. The new criteria will require Organisers to demonstrate how their project has evolved over the years the project has existed.

2. The judging criteria of “Promotional Value” has been amended to focus on the communications efforts of Organisers. 

3. It has been decided that the Final Eight will be announced via the SnowKidz and FIS digital channels with the winners being announced in a formal ceremony at the 52ndFIS Congress in May 2020.

As well as detailing the judging criteria for the SnowKidz Award, the regulations also detail the key dates such as submission deadline and dates of the Awards announcements. 

To view or download the Award Regulations click the link below: