World Snow Day communicated

One of the keys to the success of World Snow Day, is the communication of the event. Since World Snow Day’s inception in 2012, the three of the largest communications partners in snow sports; Eurosport, Infront and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have been key partners of the event. 

Since December 2018, the World Snow Day trailer has been shown during broadcasts of FIS World Cups. Thanks to the Eurosport, Infront and EBU the trailer has integrated into the television broadcasts and well received by viewers. Moreover, all three companies have also integrated information about the event into their social media and general communications.

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis commented “FIS sincerely appreciates the commitment of Eurosport, Infront and the EBU to promote World Snow Day and the FIS Bring Children to the Snow Campaign to viewers of FIS World Cup competitions in all disciplines during three intensive weeks building up to 20thJanuary 2019. This global coverage is tremendous promotion for snow sports as such, and hopefully it will encourage many children and families to participate in one of more than 400 World Snow Day events taking place all over the world”.

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