Fletcher and Geraghty-Moats take U.S. titles

Tara Geraghty-Moats and Taylor Fletcher are the 2018 U.S. summer national champions. After competition on the past weekend. While Ben Loomis and Jasper Good completed the podium on the men’s side, Geraghty-Moats was joined by Alexa Brabeck and Tess Arnone.

Geraghty-Moats said of her competition: ”The 5k skate was really awesome, the best part of it, for me, was having two developing girls out there with me so there were three women on the podium today which is a major step for USA Nordic and women’s Nordic combined.”  

Ben Loomis was quoted as saying: “My competition was good, I definitely had one of my better jumps of the summer and things have been progressing so I’m happy with that. I was able to put a good jump forward in competition, which is important, and then the race was good. Starting from the front is always difficult but a good experience, I was fell back a place but I’m still happy with that. I’m happy to share the podium with Jasper and Taylor and, yeah, overall, it was a really good day.”