COC-M: Impressive performance by Anze Lanisek

Anze Lanisek of Slovenia claimed a more than clear home victory in the first of two Continental Cups in Planica this weekend.

The 21-year-old was already clearly the best athlete on the HS 139 in the first round with a jump of 135 m. In the final he could do even better and landed at 135.5 m, this performance earned him a total of 264.5 points and his ninth win in the COC. "I made some pretty good jumps, but I know there's still room for improvement. I wanted to jump relaxed today and just focus on myself. The big lead doesn't matter, I just wanted to enjoy jumping", said the winner.

More than 20 points behind the today outstanding Anze Lanisek, the second place went to Philipp Aschenwald. The Austrian posted jumps of 130.5 m and 129.5 m and scored 243.9 points. "It's my third competition here in Planica and my third podium. I could show a great performance and it's nice to compete here. Lanisek was too good today, tomorrow I want to fight for the first place again", said Philipp Aschenwald.

Pius Paschke, in the first half of the season a regular on the German World Cup team, finished third today with his jumps of 130.5 m and 130 m and 238.4 points. After the first round, Paschke was fourth close behind his teammate Andreas Wank, who came in fifth overall with a second jump of 127 m. "This was my first COC this winter and I'm really happy with this third place. Tomorrow I'll try to make good jump again and then we'll see the outcome", said Pius Paschke.

Veteran Robert Kranjec was the second-best athlete of the hosts in fourth, the outstanding team result of the Slovenes was completed by Tomaz Naglic and Andraz Pograjc in sixth and seventh.

Thomas Hofer of Austria came in eighth in the Planica Nordic Center, Sondre Ringen was the best Norwegian on Saturday in ninth, followed by the best of the Polish team, Aleksander Zniszczol, in tenth. 

Nejc Dezman of Slovenia, who is competing in the World Cup in Willingen this weekend, leads the overall ranking of the COC with 602 points, ahead of Andreas Wank (568 points) and the new Junior World Champion Marius Lindvik (556 points).

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