Already 1931 the first ski jumping competitions were held in Ljubno (northern Slovenia) on snow hills. 1947 the Slovenian architect Stanko Bloudek, who also designed plans of the first ski flying hill “Velikanka” in Planica,visited Ljubno and negotiated to build a new 60-metre-hill. Building the first jumping hill in Ljubno started in 1949 an lasted three years. 

The first ski jumping competition on this new hill was held on 8th February 1952. In 1953 Bloudek came to Ljubno and told that he had been criticized at the Ski Federation in Ljubljana, because he had built such a big hill in Ljubno and not also smaller hills for young jumpers to prepare for lager hills. So it was decided to build a 25 meter hill, which was constructed in 1955. 

Then a new ski club was founded, which organized a big ski jumping competition in 1973 on the K65. Then the management of the ski club decided to build a new K18 hill, construct a judge’s tower for K65, change the profile of the K65 jump and renovate the K35 meter hill. In 1974 all these constructive measures were completed. Already in 1978 in Ljubno plans to enlarge the K65 to a K80 were made. 

At the end of the 90’s K65 was enlarged to K85 and 2000 plastic covered hills were renewed with new matts. Since 2006 Lagarska Dalina-HS 95 has been annual host of Ladies Continental Cup competitions.