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A vibrant few weeks in the world of Alpine Skiing

Jun 19, 2024·Alpine Skiing
Facebook picture © Swiss Alpine Ski Team
Facebook picture © Swiss Alpine Ski Team

The alpine skiing community has had a few weeks filled with exciting events and noteworthy achievements. From championship candidacies to gala dinners, here are some of the highlights:

Val Gardena Team in Reykjavik

Italian skiing stars Alex Vinatzer and Nicole Delago, recently traveled to Reykjavik to support the 2029 Val Gardena World Championships candidacy.
Their presence was part of the Val Gardena team, which has been garnering attention and praise following their victorious campaign for the 2031 World Championships.

Mikaela Shiffrin Returns to Harvard

Mikaela Shiffrin, the most decorated alpine skier of her generation, made a return to Harvard to reconnect with the academic community. Shiffrin, known for her excellence both on and off the slopes, took this opportunity to be back in a classroom in over 10 years.

And I really did not anticipate my return to studying to be "this" incredible. 13-14 hours days in discussions and every single second was so engaging! Learning from the best in the business throughout the world of entertainment, media, and sports-and sometimes even raising my own hand during discussions - is something I will not soon forget.Mikaela Shiffrin from her Instagram account

Federica Brignone at the Europe Conference

At the Europe Conference 2024, Italian ski champion Federica Brignone shared her journey to becoming an elite athlete, emphasizing the critical support from her team.
She revealed that her secret to peak performance lies in living in the 'here and now,' which aids her focus, resilience, and continual self-improvement.

Federica also discussed her commitment to environmental sustainability, highlighting her project aimed at raising awareness about issues like melting glaciers and water pollution, underscoring her dedication to preserving the natural spaces essential to skiing.

Swissski Annual Gala Dinner

Swissski hosted their annual gala dinner, bringing together the best and brightest of Swiss skiing.
The event celebrated the successes of the past year and provided an opportunity for athletes, coaches, and supporters to gather and honor the sport.

The gala was a night of elegance and camaraderie, reflecting the strong community spirit within Swiss skiing.

Skiers with the army

Members of the French ski team, Blaise Giezendanner and Romane Miradoli spent a week with the French military ski team. It was a rich and intense week of discovering specialities, parachuting and being surrounded by passionate military personnel.  

Slovenia's Ana Bucik, Andreja Slokar and Miha Hrobat also took part in daily survival training in the wild.

Energiapura Day with Ski Stars

As every year, Energiapura hosted a special day featuring ski stars. This year, Zrinka Ljutic, Leona Popovic, Filip Zubicic, Joan Verdu, and Filippo Della Vite were present. The event is designed to inspire young athletes and promote the next generation of skiing talent. The athletes shared their experiences and provided mentorship to aspiring skiers, showcasing the bright side of this sport.

Sloski Gala Dinner

The Slovenian Ski Association (Sloski) held its gala dinner, celebrating a year of remarkable achievements. The event was a festive occasion, bringing together the Slovenian skiing community to honor outstanding performances and foster a sense of unity and pride.

Mattia Casse's cycling adventure

Italian skier Mattia Casse took a break from his daily training to take part in a 24-hour team cycling race. 

Although skiers are known for their versatility, this race challenged him. But he loved the experience, and as he wrote on his Instagram account, he has already put next year's date in his diary.