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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to International Ski Federation (FIS) and you should always keep control over your personal information. This privacy policy provides information about how FIS access and use the information related to your use of the website and on the other digital properties managed by FIS and the Marc Hodler Foundation (Foundation), collectively referred as FIS. Please read this privacy policy in its entirety.

WHO IS FIS: FIS is committed to the global promotion and development of recreational and competitive winter sports. A key role of FIS is to create a pathway from national competitions to the highest level of the World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games. It ensures coherence and consistency in managing the different disciplines. FIS provides technical support to the Organising Committees to carry out top-level competitions. It pursues activities to reduce serious injuries to the athletes, to have safe competitions and to have a no-tolerance policy against doping. FIS has a long established policy limiting any negative impact on the environment in which the sport takes place, while seeking to ensure sustainability of skiing. Extensive coverage of competitions in the media is designed to promote the sport, as well as seeking support from partners to invest in the sport. FIS’ commercial activities are designed to generate resources to invest in the sport and support its global development. Significant financial support is distributed to the FIS member National Ski Associations to help develop their activities. The goal of FIS is to stimulate persons from all walks of life, especially youngsters, to participate in this sport.

This Privacy Policy, updated from time to time, explains what information is collected and how it is processed when you use digital services such as websites, newsletters, registration systems, or online resources offered on the website and other digital properties operated by FIS collectively the “Services”.

When you use the Services, personal information will be collected and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy by FIS. When refer to “you” or “your”, FIS refers to you as a user of the Services.

Specific rules and additional terms may apply due to the nature and purpose of certain of the Services. This is for instance the case of certain systems for event registration, or reporting mechanisms managed by FIS. In such cases, these specific terms will be brought to your attention before you use the relevant Services and will prevail over the terms of this Privacy Policy in case of any inconsistency.


Information that you provide to FIS

You provide FIS with information, including personally identifiable information, when you register to Services, create a user access, communicate with FIS, complete transactions or subscribe to Services such as event registration, FIS Registration System, or media alerts.

a) Account data

If you create a user account, FIS will ask you to provide your first name, last name, email address, age, login, and password. To access certain resources, FIS may ask you to provide additional information such as your organisation, job title, address, phone number and nationality. This information will allow FIS to create and maintain your user account, identify you as one of FIS registered users and, if you have opted-in, to send you communications about FIS. FIS may also invite you to provide FIS with additional information by indicating your interest in certain athletes, teams, sports or events, so that FIS can personalise your Services.

b) Data necessary to provide certain Services

Certain Services may allow you to apply for registration or accreditation to events organised by FIS (i.e. FIS Congress), or book travel and accommodation related to these events. Other Services may give you access to business resources made available by FIS to other stakeholders such as Local Organising Committees, International Olympic Committee, etc. In such cases, FIS will inform you of any additional information needed to provide to the Services that you have requested and of the other conditions applicable to the processing of your personal information for the provisions of such Services.

c) Communications data

If you communicate with FIS and/or request any Service from FIS, FIS will use your account information and any other information you may provide FIS to answer your queries.

Information that is collected automatically when you use the Services:

The FIS website and digital properties use cookies to distinguish you as a user and FIS refer to the FIS Cookies Policy.

By using the Services, you accept the use of these cookies. You may turn off cookies or changing your preferences by changing your browser settings. More information is available here:

Information that you have made publicly available

Services are provided for information and entertainment purposes and the content offered on the FIS digital properties may include public information about results, athletes and other persons who are of public interest and whose stories contribute to the mission of the FIS.


FIS uses the information, collect about you and your use of Services to:

facilitate your use of Services, enable your registration and authentication, and manage your user account;

  • maintain and develop Services;

  • gather statistics to help diagnose problems, enhance your experience of the Services and improve the quality of Services;

  • ensure the security of Services and that Services are used in compliance with the Terms of Service of the FIS website and any additional terms applicable to the Services and applicable laws;

  • offer you a personalised experience of Services, for instance by suggesting content based on preferences you have indicated and previous choice of content, and deliver relevant advertising to you;

  • provide to you Services, information and content that you have requested;

  • communicate with you, including by answering requests, sending communications related to your user account and FIS Terms of Service and, if you have opted-in to this service or qualify for it according to the law, send you marketing communications (including by email and other electronic channels) about Services, FIS activities, while offering you the possibility to opt-out from such marketing communications at any time; and

  • show and measure advertisements, on Services and, on third party services like Google, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and Twitter. If you own an account both on the Service and on these third-party services, FIS may, by sharing information with these companies, identify you as user of these third-party services and serve FIS advertisements on such services.


FIS and affiliates

The Services are provided by FIS. FIS also assisted by the affiliates (FIS Travel Services AG, based in Oberhofen, FIS Marketing AG based in Freienbach, FIS Academy AG based in Oberhofen) who provide services to FIS and help deliver Services to you. FIS sometimes shares your personal information among FIS and with the affiliates, where necessary for the purposes and legal basis for processing highlighted in this Privacy Policy.

FIS vendors and service providers

FIS relies on a network of professional vendors and service providers who are working on behalf of FIS and help operate, develop, secure, promote and measure the Services and FIS advertisements. Services provided by these partners include:

  • infrastructure and general IT services

  • platform development services

  • hosting services

  • customer relationship management and other communication services

  • analytics and measurement services

  • email communications and push notification services

  • third party web and social media services on which FIS serves advertisements.

FIS may share information you provide through the Services with these companies where necessary for them to provide to FIS their services and for the purposes in this Privacy Policy. These service providers are bound to strict confidentiality obligations under the FIS agreements, ensuring the respect of this Privacy Policy.

Events-related services and other services

If you use Services to request certain services from FIS, for instance to apply for registration or accreditation to attend the World Championships or other events organised by FIS, or for booking travel and accommodation in relation to these events, the provision of the services requested by you may require FIS to share your personal information with third parties (e.g. travel or accommodation providers, organising committees, or governmental agencies). Other services that you may request from FIS may also require that FIS shares your information with third parties assisting FIS in the delivery of such services (such as the International Olympic Committee, international federations, national Olympic committees or organising committees, academic institutions, or other delivery partners.

Offers from partners

FIS may offer you the possibility to receive communications from selected third parties, such as the FIS commercial partners. In case you opt-in or can lawfully receive the communications, FIS may share your information with the relevant third parties, while giving you the possibility to opt-out at any time.

Legal disclosure

FIS reserves the right to disclose personal information FIS holds about you if FIS is required to do so under applicable laws or pursuant to any judicial or administrative process, and to the extent necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding unlawful activities, or violation of FIS Terms of Service under the legal basis described in this Privacy Policy.


Data security

FIS uses technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information against the risks of damage, destruction, loss or unauthorised access, in accordance with applicable laws.

International transfer

While the information FIS collects will usually be processed in the European Union or in Switzerland, FIS may also transfer your information for the purposes and legal basis for processing highlighted in this Privacy Policy to the above-mentioned recipients (see above “WHO DOES FOS SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH?”), some of which may be based in countries that, like the United States of America, do not provide in their laws for a level of protection of your privacy equivalent to the one applied within the European Union and Switzerland. This will happen when some of the companies helping FIS operate the Services (see above “FIS service providers”) access your information from countries located outside Europe. Before transferring data from Switzerland or the European Union to the United States and other countries, FIS implements safeguard mechanisms recognised by Swiss and European regulators such as standard contractual clauses, or seek your express consent.

Age limitation

The Services are intended for users who are 13 years old (or older) and FIS will not knowingly collect personal information about users below that age. If you are aged 13 to 15 years old, you can only use the Services with the prior authorisation from a parent or guardian.

If FIS becomes aware that a child has provided FIS with personal information without parental or guardian consent, FOS will take steps to delete this information and close the child’s account. If you become aware that your child has provided FIS with personal information without your consent, please contact FIS at

Data retention

FIS will retain your information only for the duration necessary for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy or as required to meet the legal requirements.


FIS mainly processes your information to perform obligations under FIS Terms of Service but in certain cases, FIS also relies on other justifications.

Contractual necessity

Contractual necessity applies for all users who are of age to enter into a contract by accepting the FIS Terms of Service and justifies the following uses of user personal information:

  • Providing the Services and personalizing your experience of the Services by customizing certain features based on your interests

  • Managing registration and user account

  • Securing and developing the Services

  • Communicating with you in relation to the Services

  • Sharing data with FIS partners who may offer you their services

  • Transferring, storing or process your data outside Switzerland or the European Union, including within the United States and other countries

  • Providing you services or information which you have requested

In these cases, you have the right the right to port your data.


FIS may also process certain data based on your explicit consent, which you can withdraw at any time, for the following activities:

  • Send you certain marketing communications

In these cases, you have the right to port your data and to withdraw your consent.

Legitimate interests

FIS also relies on legitimate interests, especially for the users who may not be of age to enter into a contract, to provide secure and efficient Services that are consistent with the FIS Terms of Service so that the FIS visitors, partners and fans may receive high quality Services and may enjoy FIS-related content corresponding to their interests. Legitimate interests constitute a basis for the following activities:

  • Making available through the Services publicly available information related to the FIS events and other athletes, sports and news stories

  • Providing the Services and personalising your experience of the Services by customising certain features based on your interests

  • Managing registration and user accounts

  • Securing and developing the Services

  • Communicating with you in relation to the Services

  • Transferring, storing or processing your data outside Switzerland or the European Union, including to or within the United States and other countries

  • Sending you marketing communications, including via emails, if you have opted-in or can lawfully receive such communications

  • Sharing data with FIS partners who may offer you their services

  • Sharing your information with third parties including law enforcement authorities where FIS suspects an unlawful activity.

  • Ranking lists (Only Name, First name and Nation)

Compliance with FIS legal obligations

FIS may also invoke the legal obligations as a valid ground for sharing your information with judiciary or law enforcement authorities, if FIS is ever obliged to do so.

In such case, you have the right to object to the processing of your information or ask FIS to restrict such processing.


User account parameters

To withdraw your consent, access or rectify your personal information, you can use the Settings functionality to adjust the parameters of your user account.

Unsubscribe from marketing communications

To unsubscribe from marketing communications, you can click on the link displayed at the bottom of any of the FIS marketing communications.

Right of complaint

The user can report to the responsible supervisory authority.

Contact FIS

To object to the processing of your information or the information of your child, or request a restriction of such processing, to withdraw your consent or to request access, deletion or correction of any erroneous or incomplete data, to exercise your data portability right or for any question related to this Privacy Policy, you can contact FIS at the following address:

Data Protection Officer

You can contact the FIS privacy officer at the following address
Data Protection Officer
FIS International Ski Federation
Blochstrasse 2
3653 Oberhofen

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 18 February 2020
FIS International Ski Federation, Blochstrasse 2, 3653 Oberhofen, Switzerland

FIS Privacy Policy
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FIS Privacy Policy
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