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Dryland training in full swing: An overview of alpine ski athletes' preparations

Jun 26, 2024·Alpine Skiing
Picture © Marco Busacca
Picture © Marco Busacca

As the summer sun blazes, athletes are deep into their dryland training routines, preparing their bodies for the grueling winter season ahead.

This off-season period is critical for building strength, endurance, and technique. Here's a look at where some of the athletes have been training from the end of the season to today. 

Swissski Team: Mixing It Up Across Europe

The Swissski team has been on the move, training in various picturesque locations. The Slalom World Cup team, for instance, spent a few invigorating days at:

  • Lago di Garda, Italy: Here, they engaged in wing foiling, biking, and playing tennis, making the most of the beautiful surroundings and diverse activities.

The Speed girls also trained there. They took advantage of the stunning mountains around the lake, combining their rigorous training with scenic outdoor activities.

The Speed World Cup team ventured to:

Fuerteventura, Spain: This sunny locale offered perfect conditions for biking, snorkeling, and enjoying the pool and the sea. The team bonded and had a blast together, mixing hard work with relaxation.

Meanwhile, other Swissski teams utilized the top-notch facilities in:

Magglingen, Switzerland: Here, they focused on intense gym sessions, leveraging the excellent infrastructure to build strength and endurance.

Austria Team: Home Comforts and Mediterranean Sunshine

The Austrian team has primarily stayed within their homeland, utilizing their excellent national facilities. 

Meanwhile, standout athlete Marco Schwarz has been spotted in Mallorca, Spain. After months of rehabilitation at home, he finally could enjoy some time out on his bike and at the same time, explore the stunning landscapes of Mallorca.

Norwegian Team: Balancing Home and Abroad

The Norwegian team has divided their training between Trentino and home.

The Norwegian Men team has made the most of their annual retreat to the beautiful region of Trentino. There, is their go-to spot for starting the new season with a strong sense of team spirit. From 6 am to 7 pm, their days are packed with a variety of activities and training sessions, fostering camaraderie and preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Back home in Oslo, the Norwegian athletes are also training diligently, making full use of their local facilities. The girls even took advantage of the velodrome to enhance their training regimen.

Croatian Ski Team's Dynamic Training in Croatia

The Croatian men's team has been training at home in Croatia, where the trio of Filip Zubcic, Istok Rodes, and Samuel Kolega seem to be having a great time while working hard for the upcoming season. With a blend of intense preparation and team spirit, the Croatian athletes are gearing up to make a strong impact in the next competitive season.

French Team concentrated in Albertville

The French team has centralized their training efforts in their home country, focusing on Albertville. Famous for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville offers top-notch training facilities and a rich sporting history. The French athletes are spending many hours here, benefiting from the excellent infrastructure and the inspiring Olympic legacy.

Matthieu Bailet, for his part, enjoyed some productive training sessions at his home in Nice.

Slovenian Team: Home Ground Advantage

The Slovenian athletes have chosen to train at home, leveraging their national facilities that are well-suited for their needs. This home-based approach allows them to maintain a stable and controlled environment, ensuring focused and effective preparation.

Joan Verdu: Pedaling Through Adventure

Andorran skier Joan Verdu is taking a dynamic approach to his summer training:

Biking Across Andorra and Spain, Verdu is pedaling many kilometers building his cardiovascular strength and endurance. From the gym to the bike, his training seems never-ending, and Joan seems to have recovered well from the back problems he suffered last season.

Italian Team's Intensive Prep at Formia Olympic Center

The Italian team trained at the Olympic center in Formia, where they dedicated numerous hours to intensive workouts in the gym and rigorous training sessions on the athletic field. Balancing their demanding schedule, they also found time to relax and rejuvenate by spending some quality moments in the water.