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Skiers' Off-Season Adventures: A World Tour of Holiday Destinations

Jun 04, 2024·Alpine Skiing
Clement on safari in Namibia (c) Facebook Clément Noel
Clement on safari in Namibia (c) Facebook Clément Noel

In between winter and summer preparation, everyone has one thing in mind: going on holidays, enjoying some time off with their loved ones, and recharging their batteries for the next season. As the snow melted and the ski season came to a close, many professional skiers took the opportunity to unwind and explore different parts of the world.

From tropical beaches to bustling cities, here's a look at where some of the top skiers spent their off-season holidays.

Seaside Escapes

After a whole season on the slopes, many skiers opted for the tranquility of the sea.

Couple Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR) enjoyed a romantic getaway somewhere at the sea, basking in the sun and relishing the serene ocean views.

Stefanie Venier (AUT) also headed to the coast, choosing the picturesque Maldives as her destination  while her compatriot Cornelia Huetter (AUT) also spent a few days in the sun.

Similarly, Federica Brignone (ITA) found solace in the Philippines, enjoying the vibrant culture and many activities.

Asian Adventures

Katharina Liensberger (AUT) embarked on a cultural journey to China, exploring its rich history and vibrant cities.

Alex Vinatzer (ITA) chose the exotic landscapes of Bali, Indonesia, known for its stunning beaches and spiritual retreats.

Meanwhile, Paula Moltzan (USA) and Anna Swenn-Larsson together with their half experienced the unique blend of tradition and modernity in Japan, immersing herself in its captivating culture.

African Expeditions

Africa offered a mix of adventure and relaxation for several skiers. Clement Noel (FRA) embraced the wild side with a thrilling safari in Namibia, getting up close with the continent's majestic wildlife.

Sofia Goggia (ITA), on the other hand, marveled at the ancient wonders of Egypt, visiting the iconic pyramids.

Roberta Melesi (ITA) and Tommaso Sala (ITA) explored various parts of Africa, soaking in its diverse landscapes and cultures.

Caribbean Delights

The Caribbean's warm climate and turquoise waters attracted a few skiers looking for a perfect beach holiday.
Marta Bassino (ITA) indulged in the laid-back vibes and vibrant marine life of the Caribbean islands, enjoying some well-deserved relaxation time.

Manuel Feller (AUT), seeking a mix of relaxation and culture, traveled to Jamaica. There, he soaked up the island's reggae rhythms, explored its lush landscapes, and enjoyed the famous Jamaican hospitality.

European Escapes

Europe was also a destination of choice. Norwegian trio Thea Louise Stjernesund, Kajsa Vickhoff Lie and Kristin Lysdahl chose Italy and Malta for their vacation, exploring ancient ruins, savoring delicious cuisine and basking in the Mediterranean sun.

American Attractions

New York City, the city that never sleeps, drew Mattia Casse (ITA) to its bustling streets and iconic landmarks. He spent his off-season soaking in the vibrant energy of the Big Apple, exploring its diverse neighborhoods and world-famous attractions.

Home Sweet Home

For Filip Zubcic (CRO), there's no place like home. He spent his off-season in his native Croatia, enjoying the beautiful Adriatic coastline and the familiar charm of his homeland.

The off-season not only gave skiers a much-needed break but also well-deserved time for themselves, away from their daily routines. Now that the holidays are over, everyone is ready to push hard again in the gym and prepare for the next winter season.