No downhill at Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Unfortunately, the classical Kandahar downhill had to be cancelled today at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Very heavy and wet snowfall covered the race track this morning, which softened the hard surface underneath and couldn’t allow a safe race. In addition to that, the continuous rain at the bottom and wet snowfall at the top would stick on the athletes’ googles, massively reducing the visibility, which is also an important safety issue.

All in all, the decision was pretty clear, and the jury together with the organising committee decided to cancel the race. The process to find a replacement site has already started, and all odds are pointing towards Kvitfjell, the Norwegian venue that already took over many cancelled downhills in the past year.

Tomorrow, a giant slalom is scheduled in Garmisch-Partenkrichen. The weather forecast is quite unfavorable, with approx. 30 cm of snowfall announced until tomorrow, but all the contingency plans are in place and everything will be done to save the classic giant slalom on the Kandahar.