Statement about Official Results of Crans Montana ladies' downhill

On 23rd February, there were timing issues with the Audi FIS Ski World Cup ladies’ downhill race in Crans Montana (SUI). The times for four athletes, Jasmine Flury, Joana Haehlen, Priska Nufer and Lara Gut-Behrami, were not recorded electronically. As a result the official results were calculated using a manual back-up system for the affected athletes in accordance with the FIS rules. Those results were published later the same day (23rd February).

The FIS Timing Working Group and Swiss Timing immediately undertook an investigation of the incident including controlling the timing system, electronic and manual timing tapes. The reason that the four times were not recorded was as a consequence of the set-up of the photo cells at the finish, which were mounted too high. After two training days the snow level was somewhat lower due to the multiple runs and slipping on the course as well as melting due to the sunlight.

Thereafter the FIS Timing Working Group has confirmed that the manual times were then incorrectly calculated on Saturday 23rd February, with the correction factor of 0.13 seconds subtracted from the manual time instead of being added. Swiss Timing has since checked the timing tapes and re-calculated all the manual times from the race using the correct methodology, which has been checked by four members of the FIS Timing Working Group.

FIS is therefore now satisfied that the Official Results for the Audi FIS Ski World Cup ladies’ downhill race in Crans Montana (SUI) on 23rd February are accurate and reflect the correct times of all competitors.

FIS and Swiss Timing would like to apologise to the Local Organising Committee, all competitors, teams, media and Alpine Skiing followers for this unfortunate incident.

Link to Official Results

Link to regulations for the use and calculation of manual times: Article 611.3.2.1