A sign to support Kikkan Randall in the fight against breast cancer

At the FIS Cross-Country World Cup opener at Ruka (FIN) the athletes wore a pink ribbon on their starting bibs on Sunday’s distant races. With this powerful and universal symbol, the athletes reached out to support  the fight against breast cancer and to underline the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

"I cant tell you how much this means to me and my fellow cancer fighters that so many of you are wearing pink ribbons this weekend to support the fight against breast cancer." Kikkan Randall

Former World Cup athlete, Kikkan Randall was diagnosed with breast cancer in late spring after winning gold at the PyoengChang Olympic Winter games. The message of her diagnosis struck many athletes and friends of the winter sport. Kikkan’s story is a reminder of how life can take it’s turns – from the highlight of one’s career to the most devastating news one can get – and all within a few months. Her achievements in winter sport and the timing of her diagnosis also reflects that breast cancer can hit anyone – Olympic gold medalist or not.

Being a professional athlete however, Kikkan is an example how much one can achieve with the right mindset. It has helped her to accept her faith, overcome her fears and to start the fight against breast cancer.

"I think when you are healthy you don’t remember how happy you are but when you sometimes hear bad things happening, you remember that you have to be happy and enjoy life." Kerttu Niskanen
Her FIS family sent their thoughts along with wearing pink for the weekend.
Also besides the World Cup stage, athletes ensured their support and wore the pink ribbon. Virginia De Martin and her team sent their best greetings from the Italian season opener.

Kikkan shares her faith with all kind of individuals around the globe. We wish her and her fellow cancer fighters all the needed strenght and will always remember her words:

“The best thing we can all do is keep making healthy choices, celebrate the best of human performance and keep ski racing really, really fast.” Kikkan Randall