First gold for Italy at U20 JWSC 2019

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with cross country U20 men 30 kilometers classic style competition. Luca Del Fabbro from Italy won the race. Norwegian Haavard Moseby caught the silver medal just after him and third was Cyril Faehndrich from Switzerland. The final sprint showed the strongest ones again because all the top three men where inside of 0.5 second. Competition was also unforgettable because first nine athletes were also from nine different countries.

“Today’s track was really difficult. I had a good feeling and good condition. Thank you my team for the great skis. I wanted to win and I did it. Very perfect day. My tactic was to stay at the first position in the last kilometer because I knew that I am having a good sprint”, the World Champion from Italy said with the smile.

Silver medalist Moseby was also really happy with his position today. -15 degrees wasn’t too bad for the athlete, even though he felt some cold in his face and knees: “I am very satisfied with today’s competition. It was a cold race, my first 30 kilometer ever. In thestart it was quite a slow pace. Last two laps were lot faster and at the last uphill I gave everything and in last curve to stadium I took two passes. I tried to beat Luca in the sprint but he was to strong but I am satisfied with my result second place today”, silver medalist told after race.

Faehndrich supposed that he had the best skis of the whole group: “At the begin it was really hectic. I tried to chill and flex in the background of the hill. On the fifth round I said now it’s the start to the race. I went to top ten and on the last uphill I gave everything I had and at the finish I was third, crazy! I had the perfect skis. I think the best skis in the field thanks to the service team. They said  - just sit down and you will go third!“

The race was a true mass race. In 26.1 kilometers 21 men was still inside 12 seconds. Top three athletes were little surprised that no one attacked before the end sprint. The men have still one more competition to go. On Saturday it is a team competition day.

TOP three of the race:
1. Luca Del Fabbro, ITA  1:15:16.7
2. Haavard Moseby, NOR, +0.4
3. Cyril Faehndrich, SUI, +0.5

Official Results

Frida Karlsson was superior in the ladies 15km race

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with Cross Country U20 ladies 15 kilometer mass start competition. Swedish Frida Karlsson took the win in the ladies’ competition. Norwegian Helene Marie Fossesholm took the silver medal and Finnish Anita Korva the bronze medal.

Karlsson was very happy about the victory. “I feel very satisfied. I want to keep my focus on myself and my own skiing. I wanted to find nice technic today and I think I managed to do that. I didn't set gold as my goal. On Saturday we want to give other countries a real fight in the relay”, said Karlsson.

Norwegian Fossesholm was the silver medalist 52,1 seconds behind Karlsson. “I had great skis and the day was fantastic. I just had to ski fast, because I wanted to keep my position and I know Frida was skiing fast too. If I think about the relay, there is a lot strong opponents and these guys for example from Finland and Russia and also from other countries too”, said Fossesholm.

Korva thought that the competition was great and there was lots of room to ski. Korva was 58,1 seconds behind Karlsson. “It was quite easy to ski. I just try to keep my position to the end. Training season wasn't so perfect so this is a great surprise. I don’t know, how high we can be in relay”, said Korva.