FIS Cross-Country and Nordic Combined World Cup organisers seminar

On Saturday, 29th September the FIS Cross-Country and Nordic Combined World Cup organizers seminar took place in Zurich. More than 40 participants from 21 World Cup venues actively took part in the meeting. 

Besides the necessary FIS Cross-Country and Nordic Combined rules update and FIS news, the main topics were sharing knowledge and experience about snow farming, simplifying and unifying the World Cup accreditation system for 2019/20 and FIS communications update covering changes in the FIS Communication staff, sharing best practices and defining goals for the upcoming winter. 

The participants took part in three working groups led by the FIS staff. All discussed projects will be followed up, namely the snow production and snow farming discussion should result in a an online manual with best practices, experience and advice how to cost effectively economically produce, store and use snow without big losses. 

Besides the LOC seminar a traditional FIS Cross-Country World Cup Technical Delegates update took place on Friday, 28th September. Karl-Heinz Lickert, chairman of the S.C. for Rules and Control provided World Cup Technical Delegates with the most important ICR update. Uros Ponikvar then led a practical session with analysing some of the Jury cases, which happened during the last winter.