Johaug and Toenseth winners of the 10/15 km C pursuit

An all-Norwegian podium concludes the second FIS Cross-Country World Cup stop at Lillehammer (NOR). Nevertheless, a very strong Swedish femal team added up to a successful and divers race weekend. 

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Ebba Andersson crossing the finish line just before Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg

The snow arrived right with the starting signal for todays men's 15 km classic pursuit race. Toenseth and Roethe took off into the race on the leading positions and managed to stay on the top by alternating the lead and using each others strength. The joint team effort was rewarded by the 1st and 2nd place which Toenseth won by in the final meters before the finish line. Roethe, seemingly back in good shape, took the lead in the first round and during all uphills. Sjur Roethe ended only 1.6 seconds behind Toenseth. 

Third place was taken by the new overall World Cup leader, Emil Iversen. Following the leaders with around a 1 minute gap, Iversen had to play his strategy well as he was amongst a fast paced group with no other than Krueger, Halfvarsson, Bolshunov, Cologna and more. Iversen played well and ended on the well deserved 3rd podium spot.

Didrik Toenseth is the winner of the 15 km C pursuit
„We worked together pretty good. Sjur did a great job in the flat in the first loop and I did my job at the top. I think because of our good cooperation there it went as it did.“ Didrik Toenseth (NOR)
The fight for the 3rd place and its winner, Emil Iversen
„It was really nice to be on the podium today. My strategy was to focus on my own race and hopefully ski together with Ebba but she was so strong. It was a hard fight both mentally and physically.“ Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR)
A strong performance by young Swedish athlete Ebba Andersson

Ebba Andersson confirmed her status amongst the top athletes by reaching the second place at the 10 km pursuit in classic style. 

A successful race with a strong performance was also shown by Norwegian Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg who ended up on the third place. She caught up with the two Swedes before and overtook Charlotte Kalla in the last stretch but could not reach Andersson by 1.1 second.

Therese Johaug caught up with Charlotte Kalla and remained on the top position throughout the race and showed once again a strong performance by enlarging her lead, reaching the finish line 16.8 seconds before Andersson.

The ladies podium with Ebba Andersson, Therese Johaug and Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg