Russian victories at jwsc 2019

Russian Anna Zherebyateva took the win ahead of her team mate Lidia Durkina in the ladies’ 15 km competition in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships. Katharina Hennig was third and took the bronze medal to Germany.


Zherebyateva was very happy about the victory.


“My tactic was to make a gap in the second loop. So I did exactly what I wanted. It went really well. Tracks were exactly right for me. This gold medal is an important step for my sport career”, said Zherebyateva.

Russian Lidia Durkina was the silver medalist 23,5 seconds behind Zherebyateva. “I am very happy about the result, because I’m not in a very good shape now. I wanted to be sixth, but I got second place so I’m very happy! Me and Anna wanted to help each other to top three places and we both had a good race. Next up we have the relay in World Cup in Sweden. Seefeld World Championships will be my first ever championship and I try relax and memorize it well”, said Durkina.

Hennig was 37,5 seconds behind the winner. “My goal today was to be as long as possible in the leading group and I am really happy to get a medal in my last U23 World Championships. It was my plan to keep up a fast pace from the start on and it went pretty well, but at the last loop I got problems. It has been a great week in Lahti. The World Championship in Seefeld is my next big goal and I am heading to training camp next week. I am very motivated”, said Hennig.


Last cross country competition of U23 men at FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti was celebration of Russian Andrey Sobakarev who took the first podium in 30 kilometre’s mass start classic style race. Russia took a quadruple win in the competition. On the second place was Ivan Kirillov with margin of 3,5 seconds behind gold medalist Sobakarev. Ivan Yakimushkin took bronze. He crossed the finish line 1,4 seconds after silver medalist Kirillov.

The race was even for long. A group of 25 athletes stayed together until 20 kilometres. After that the group started to grow smaller. Sobakarev made his attack at the last kilometers of the race. He attacked on uphill and left rest of the group. Anton Timashov passed Japanese Naoto Baba at the stadium and all Russians were on top four.

Winner of the day thought that the race was really hard due to the heavy snow. Sobakarev made his attack at the last lap. "I know that I'm a really good sprinter. That's why I tried to save strength and stamina for the last km", Sobakarev told.

Sobakarev came to Lahti especially for sprint and 30 kilometre's race. "In sprint I don't have any medals and it's sad but in 30 kilometres I came to win and I won so for me this a good event and week", Sobakarev summed up his week.

Next Sobakarev has a training camp on altitude. He will come back to Lahti for World Cup.

Silver medalist Kirillov has been four times in U23 Junior World Ski Championships. "I'm glad that I'm here and able to compete. I did all that I can", Kirillov said. Kirillov competes next at U23 National Russian Championships.

The pronze medalist Yakimushkin told the press that Russians didn't have any team tactics in the race. Yakimushkin took his second bronze medal in these competitions. "I didn't put any targets for me on these Championships. I have two bronze medals and that's good. I come here back to World Cup", said Yakimushkin.