The end of an era - Petter Northug jr. retired

One of the biggest Cross-Country skiers of our time has announced his retirement. 

At the official press conference on the 12th December in Trondheim (NOR), all eyes were set on the 32-year old as he gave his final resignation as a competitive athlete.

An emotional moment. Not only for Petter Northug jr. who had to pause during his announcement as tears took over. "I told myself that when I'm so far behind, I do not have to spend so much effort and energy to fight the place," said the 13-times gold World Champion.

"Petter was not only a great athlete with an unbelievable career but also became a real international star due to his personality. His character and achievements have attracted many young people, athletes, spectators and media around the globe and thus brought attention to the Cross-Country world. In this sense, Petter was the best possible ambassador for our sport. We look forward to see him back in the Cross-Country family in a different role. THANK YOU PETTER." Pierre Mignerey, FIS Cross-Country Race Director

Petter Northug jr. has undoubtedly influenced the Cross-Country world to a great extent. His list of achievements – especially on World Cup and World Championships level – made him to one of the greatest sportsmen of our time. In his career, Northug has won 13 World Cup gold medals, two Olympic gold medals and two World Championships. He has a total of 38 individual victories in the World Cup. Northug also won the Tour de Ski in 2014/15.

Northug taking over the TdS lead in stage 5 at Toblach, 2015

Petter Northug dedicated his life to the Cross-Country sport. His success was the reward of endless hearty training sessions. He has become the role model for his younger colleagues and supporter along their way to the top. His impact on the Cross-Country world spread not only in Norway but all over the world. Petter, Thank you for all your contributions to the Cross-Country world!