Ustiugov and Klæbo set out for the win at Oberstdorf 15km pursuit
Who set's the pace? picture by Nordic Focus
"I think it was a really tough race and Sergey is in really good shape!" Johannes Høsflot Klaæbo (NOR)

Current leader of the FIS Tour de Ski, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo from Norway and Russian Sergey Ustiugov showed a powerful performance at the 15km pursuit in Free technique.

Sergey Ustiugov started the catch up race 15 seconds behind Klæbo. After the second intermediate time, 1.9km into the race, Ustiugov already caught up with the young Norwegian and took over the lead. Klæbo needed to speed up in order to maintain the pace. The two remained in their positions until the last lap with Ustiugov setting the pace. At the final uphill Klæbo started his attempt to take over. The speed increased and after switching positions, Klæbo - now in lead - immediately tried to get a gap between him and Ustiugov. With a powerful sprint at the finish line, Klæbo and Ustiugov finished the race at 35:07.5 (Klæbo) respectively 35:07.9 (Ustiugov). 

Alexander Bolshunov (RUS) started off into the pursuit race 46 seconds after Sergey Ustiugov. Bolshunov pulled through the race by himself, setting his own pace and managed to keep his position for the 3rd rank crossing the finish line +1:08.2 seconds behind Klæbo.

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo