Andreas Nygaard and Nina Lintzen won Nordenskiöldsloppet in Sweden

After 220 km through Arctic wilderness and almost 12 hours of cross-country skiing it again took an all-Norwegian sprint decision to crown the winner of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. Sprint gun Andreas Nygaard eventually was first over the finish line 11:45:07 here in Jokkmokk, just two seconds ahead of his team colleague Øyvind Moen Fjeld.

Nina Lintzén from Luleå (SWE) on the other hand could improve her 3rd place from 2016 and took an overwhelming ladies victory. “It has been my goal for a year now to win here. It’s such a tough race that demands serious preparation. I trained hard, many sessions longer than a 100 km”, she said tired but happy.

Top 5 men

1. Andreas NYGAARD NOR 11:48:07
2. Oeyvind Moen FJELD NOR 11:48:09
3. Christoffer LINDAVALL FIN 11:49:48
5. Klas NILSSON SWE 11:54:07

Top 5 ladies

1. Nina LINTZEN SWE 13:01:01
2. Emma BERGSTROEM SWE 15:01:55
3. Andrea WICKBOM SWE 16:31:59
4. Olivia HANSSON SWE 16:56:21
5. Malin KAELLMAN FIN 17:10:58

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