Bjoergen leads Norwegian sweep of ladies' 30 km

(Lahti, Finland) - Norway recorded it's 6th gold medal of the Championships becoming the first nation to do so by winning all the ladies' competitions.  Today's winner Marit Bjoergen was apart of four of those gold medals, and 3 of them individually.  By winning the ladies' 30 km mass start in free technique she won her 18th WSC gold medal.  She led a Norwegian sweep of the podium with teammates Heidi Weng and Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen separated by a photo finish to decide the silver and bronze medal positions.  Both crossed the line +1.9 seconds behind the winning time of 1:08:36.8 set by Bjoergen.  The silver went to Weng and the bronze to Jacobsen.  



Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
It was probably the first time I have broken pole in a race. Luckily that happened before the downhill and did not affect the race at all. I skied a lot in the front to stay away from trouble. It was fast conditions. Lahti 2017 has been a big goal for me and to win 4 gold medals is amazing.

Heidi Weng (NOR)
I don’t like the 30 km. The snow was perfect, hard and fast. That was very good for me.

Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen (NOR)
It was a painful 30 km for me. It was very hard to get back. to the front after the fall. My shape is crazy but still it was a lot for stress to ski back to the front. I feel like my today’s performance is the best I have ever done.



LADIES - 30 km free technique 

1. BJOERGEN Marit 1980 NOR 1:08:36.8
2. WENG Heidi 1991 NOR +1.9
3. JACOBSEN Astrid Uhrenholdt 1987 NOR +1.9
4. HAGA Ragnhild 1991 NOR +7.4
5. DIGGINS Jessica 1991 USA +10.4