Bjoergen wins record 7th World Cup 30 km

(Holmenkollen, Norway) Marit Bjoergen's legend was already fixed many years ago but it was still added to today in the ladies' Holmenkollen 30 km where she came from 30 seconds down with 10 km's to go to win her record 7th time in that event. 

At the 20 km mark it appeared that the podium would be a battle between the USA's Jessica Diggins, Sweden's Charlotte Kalla and Norway's Ragnhild Haga.  All three Olympic champions had separated themselves from the rest of the field and were driving a hard pace as Diggin's had done all race.  With about 1 km to go Bjoergen and her teammate Astrid Jacobsen caught the leading three and Bjoergen wasted little time and went the front on the final big climb coming back to the stadium and never looked back.  The battle for second and third continue into the homestretch with Diggins securing second place +3.6 behind Bjoergen and Haga just between Kalla to the line by 0.1 seconds for third.  Diggins second place finish is the first podium ever for an American cross-country skier at Holmenkollen.  


Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
It is amazing that I was able to win today. I thought I was fighting for the 4th place. When I was passing the stadium into the last lap it was around 20 seconds on the leading group. I was able to get some seconds back all the way. When they did not switch skis I knew I had to be pushing hard and that I would have an advantage from Frognerseteren. When I caught the leading group I had to give everything what I had.

Jessie Diggins (USA)
It was really cool to compete today. It’s always a great atmosphere here. I felt really good today. I went as hard as I could. I did not really have a strategy. I took my chances and kept hammering. I felt I was almost sprinting the whole 30 km. I am really happy about the second place. It would have been smart to switch skis but I was just focusing on going. I was a lot of time in the front so I did not know who was going to switch or not. So I did not worry about it.

Ragnhild Haga (NOR)
The 30 km was as hard as always. I was happy that Charlotte and Jessie did so much work in the front.  I am satisfied with how I skied the sprint in the finish. It is great to be on the podium. I regret that I did not switch skis. I heard Marit was coming close and suddenly she
was with us. She is always there when it matters. She was again amazing today.


LADIES 30 km F 

1. BJOERGEN Marit 1980 NOR 1:18:12.4
2. DIGGINS Jessica 1991 USA +3.6
3. HAGA Ragnhild 1991 NOR +4.3
4. KALLA Charlotte 1987 SWE +4.4
5. JACOBSEN Astrid Uhrenholdt 1987 NOR +11.6

Complete RESULTS


1. WENG Heidi NOR 798 pts
2. OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR 694
3. DIGGINS Jessica USA 643




1. WENG Heidi NOR 1424 pts
2. OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR 1271
3. DIGGINS Jessica USA 1164