Cross-Country agenda for FIS Autumn Meeting

Next week, the meetings of the FIS Cross-Country Committee and its four different Sub-Committees will take place in Zurich during the traditional FIS Autumn meeting from Wednesday, 4th October, to Friday, 6th October.

One of the main points of the Sub-Committee for World Cup and Continental Cups will be FIS Cross-Country World Cup calendars and detailed planning for the next few seasons with a special focus on the 2018/19 calendar. Additionally, athletes’ proposal to change the prize money distribution at the FIS Cross-Country World Cup will be discussed.

Besides reports from the Sub-Committees for Rules & Control, Youth and Children, the Cross-Country Committee will discuss the long term strategy of Cross-Country Skiing including the competition formats and their possible changes.

In order to be ready for the upcoming winter the FIS Cross-Country technical delegates will gather in Zurich for a regular TD update. Also the FIS Cross-Country World Cup organisers will meet for a working group.

FIS Cross-Country News is going to provide you with an overview of the most important decisions next week.