Cross-Country Skiing TV experts discuss upcoming season

With thoughts and efforts directed towards the upcoming season 2018/19, a workshop of international TV experts for Cross-Country Skiing was hosted on 24th April by Infront in Milan (ITA). 

Experts including TV directors and producers, commentators and event organisers convened at the Infront headquarters in Italy to discuss the past winter, and improvements and ideas for the next season with FIS Cross-Country officials, and representatives of Swiss Timing, Infront Italy and EBU. 

Topics included TV graphics, format development and adjustments of existing procedures in the TV running orders of FIS World Cup events. Many creative suggestions were bounced around between the representatives of YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), ARD (Germany), ORF (Austria), NCP (Sweden) and SRF (Switzerland) during a joint dinner and a full day of smaller workshops and bigger discussion groups.