Curdin PERL

Curdin Perl tried different sports like skiing, tennis and ice hockey until he was 14. In third class he tried Cross-Country skis for the first time and was not really happy in the beginning. After having won his first race he was motivated and enjoyed racing….In the following years, he still continued to be multi- sportive before he made the final decision for Cross-Country Skiing… At the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in 2004 he captured the first medal – a silver medal – for Switzerland. No Swiss had reached the podium at this Championships level before…At the U23 World Championships in Tarvisio, Curdin Perl finished second, behind his friend and team-mate Dario Cologna…The talented athlete from Engadin have fought injuries which declined his development. …Despite this handicap, he improved year by year, and finally reached the top ten spots in the World Cup, took 4th place at the FIS Tour de Ski, as well as the historical victory for Switzerland with the relay win in La Clusaz 2011.

…Curdin Perl loves to go in the mountains. In his home area, the Engadin, there are not many mountain tops left where he has not been with his colleagues yet.

…together with his sister, Curdin Perl founded the fan club “Team Perl”. Today the club counts over 500 members that supports him financially but also by cheering at the Cross-Country races…

…he is a carpenter and works 50% for the Swiss army

…Perl had a hernia surgery at the end of last season and a wisdom teeth operation in late spring

… Curdin Perl commented after his leg in La Clusaz: “It was good to go into the race with an advantage and then I thought; let’s see what the Russian is doing and I was waiting a bit if he came closer – but he didn’t – he didn’t come. It was just incredible to ski the last lap of my leg where I know that we will win and I was looking forward to come to the finish and take my team mates into my arms. It was just amazing!”