Dyrhaug to miss Beitostolen and Ruka with back injury

It was announced today on skiforbundet.no and on his Instagram account, that Niklas Dyrhaug - World Championship bronze medalist in the 15 km classic at Lahti 2017 - would delay the start of his ski season until the Lillehammer weekend due to a lower back injury. 

As reported by Skiforbundet.no: 

Niklas Dyrhaug does not start at Beitostølen and in WC Kuusamo.

"Niklas has damaged a disc in his lower back that needs time to heal.  As of today, the situation is unfortunate that he withdraws from both Beito and Kuusamo in order to focus on the disc recovering, "says National Team doctor Petter Olberg.

"It's demanding when the back is crouching, but Niklas is now training alternatively and aims to be back skiing in the World Cup Lillehammer the first weekend of December," said National Team coach Tor Arne Hetland.

"Disappointing and extremely boring having to throw in the towel for the season opening at Beitostølen and Kuusamo. Damaged a disc in my lower back during a rollerskiing session 14 days ago and have been unable to exercise since then. Disc needs time to grow, so it's a few weeks later, but I promise to come back strong"