Espen Bjervig is the new Cross-Country team manager in Norway

The Norwegian Ski Association has employed Espen Bjervig (45) as new Cross-Country team manager.

"It has been a long and thorough recruitment process with good applicants. In the final heat we had four strong candidates represented with both sexes. An overall cross-country committee agrees that Espen Bjervig is the best to lead Norwegian cross-country skiing, "said the chairman of the cross-country committee in the Ski Federation, Torbjørn Skogstad.

Bjervig starts work on July 1, 2018 in a transition from being an administrative leader in the same place, similar to the national team manager Vidar Løfshus, at which he now becomes the head of.

"I greatly appreciate the trust and look forward to accepting the work as the top manager of the Norwegian cross country skiing," said newly-appointed cross-country coach Espen Bjervig. "It is with pride and dedication I take on the effort of inspiring and protecting people both internally and externally and being part of our national sport," said the former Norwegian national team skier.

"Throughout the last years of cross-country events, I have learned a lot and I will do my best to keep our focus on good routines, control and quality in all our operations," said the future cross-country manager.  "At the same time it is important that the national team model offers the best sporting scheme for the skiers, and with room for individual adaptations. 

Press release of the Norwegian Ski Association