Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova wins marathon bronze in Berlin

Cross-Country skiers are fast with or without skis, and even the ones who have retired from the sport. Former Czech Cross-Country skier Eva Vrabcova-Nyvltova proved this once more with a bronze medal triumph in the marathon race at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Nyvltova won the bronze in 2:26:31, a new Czech national record. "It was a very difficult race and I was not aiming for the national record at all. I was focused on every step I take, and in each lap, I had a part in which I really was in pain and suffered a bit. But the last three kilometres were the most crucial and I was really pushing hard to not to lose contact with the girls in front. This medal was my dream. Now, I hope the celebration will be huge”, the 32-year-old said after the race.