Gjeitnes and Bolshunov won Blink Classics

Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes and Alexander Bolshunov won the 60 km classic competitions, part of the Blink Festival.

Gjeitnes took the victory in the time of 2:21:19.0 ahead of Astrid Øyre Slind, NOR and Justyna Kowalczyk from Poland.

Russian athletes took control of the men's race as Alexander Bolshunov claimed the victory ahead of Sergey Ardashev and Anders Mølmen Høst. 



1. GJEITNES Kari Vikhagen, NOR 2: 21: 19.0
2. SLIND Astrid Øyre, NOR+33.9
3. KOWALCZYK Justyna, POL 5: 55.4


1. BOLSHUNOV Alexander, RUS 2:10:51.6
2. ARDASHEV Sergey, RUS+5.9
3. HØST Anders Mølmen, NOR+7.7
4. GJERDALEN Tord Asle, NOR+8.1
5. PETTERSEN Øystein, NOR+8.3
6. HOLUND Hans Christer, NOR+8.3
7. RØTHE Sjur, NOR+8.7
8. KRÜGER Simen Hegstad, NOR+8.7
9. MATHISEN Runar Skaug, NOR+10.3
10. SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud, NOR+10.8

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