Grafnings and Chernousov winners of Fossavatn 50 km

After the second place in the free techique Fossavatn 25 km skate, Gräfnings won the main competition over 50 km classic. Gräfnings stopped the clock in 2:36.17. France's Anouk Faivre Picon was second +31:21. Winner of the free technique competition Selina Gasparin was 3rd +32:57 back. 

Ilya Chernousov was 100% in Iceland. After having won the 25 km skate race he was also dominant in the classic technique race over 50 km. Alexander Panzhinskiy was 2nd +05:12 and local skier Snorri Eybór Einarsson was 3rd +09:18 back. 

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