•Katrin Zeller was the first time on skis at the age of 3. The Cross-Country courses of Oberstdorf/Rubi were just outside her home: “I was watching how the ski tourists tried to ski the short downhill part and mostly were not able to manage and eventually crashed. I wanted to do better.” Therefore she started with Cross-Country skiing.
•In Oberstdorf she joined a local ski club


•Katrin Zeller started competing in 1986
•In 1999 Zeller took part in her first FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships and finished second in the relay
•World Cup debut in December 1999 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER)
•OPA Cup winner in 2006
•First World Cup podium in Lahti 2008 (third place in the 10 km classic)
•Just a week after she claimed her first victory in the Engadin Ski Marathon.
•In 2009 at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec, Zeller claimed her first medal, silver in the relay
•One year later, at her first Winter Olympic Games she was a member of the silver relay team
•Last season she cracked the top 10 in the FIS Tour de Ski again as she finished in 10th place
•She is a universal skier being strong both in sprints and distance competitions 


•She grew up on a farm in Rubi, close to Oberstdorf with her parents Monika and Alois and her younger sister Marion
•Her favorite Cross-Country World Cup venue is in Lahti where she took her first podium spot
•Katrin Zeller is employed by the national police
•She has had tough back problems since the season 2003/2004 but after an intensive treatment in 2005 it has improved
•She likes shopping, good dining and sports in general.