Kiitos Musti! Sami Jauhojarvi has ended skiing career

Olympic champion Sami Jauhojärvi of Finland has decided to end his skiing career.

“I’m not tired of skiing but at some point it just happens that competitive instincts begin to fade. By training I could be pushing my limits for a few more years but my competition mind is done. I do not think anymore about fighting for gold medals at future Olympics,” Jauhojaervi said.

Jauhojaervi debuted on the World Cup in 2001. Since then he collected 213 individual World Cup starts, he competed in 25 World Championships competitions and 12 Olympic Games races.

The biggest success of his career is the Olympic gold medal in team sprint classic in Sochi 2014, and 3 bronze medals at World Championships in Lahti 2017 in team sprint classic, in Liberec 2009 in men’s relay and team sprint classic.