National teams on the road, part 1

Summer training is in the full swing and national teams are collecting kilometers. Here a short overview of what the German, Swiss and Austrian teams have been up to.


German national team was in Norway at Sognefjellet until Wednesday last week. The pass offers good skiing conditions also in the summer. 

In addition to training sessions on snow, Nicole Fessel, Steffi Böhler, Sebastian Eisenlauer, Andi Katz and Co had roller skiing and strength training on the programe. In a few days, a part of the team will return to Norway to take part in the Blinkfestival. 


Without snow, but with much more altitude, the Swiss cross-country skiers  are training in Toblach, Italy. There are roller skiing and trail running sessions on the program. 


Austrian skiers underwent performance tests two weeks ago. After the tough programme athletes took a few days off