Sharing the trails with Olympic and World Champions

Oberhof is situated in the middle of the Thuringian Forest (800 m over sea level) in Germany. Because of its central location and the great landscape of the low mountain ranges Thuringia, in addition to its tourism and winter sport center Oberhof, is also called the green heart of Germany. Peacefulness, clean air and awesome views made the little town at the "Rennsteig" a center of tourism already in the 19th century.

Winter sports have a long tradition in Oberhof. Today, the town boasts a unique concentration of winter sport facilities and based on its long-term engagement for young athletes it is known as one of the strongest training centers of the German Ski Federation. Top skiers like Axel Teichmann and Ronny Ackermann have their sportive homes in Oberhof.

The amazing atmosphere during the annual FIS Nordic Combined World Cup events as well as during the 2004 Biathlon World Championships, the annual Biathlon World Cups, and the 2008 Luge World Championships have shaped the tourism and winter sport image of Oberhof.

Competition site

The DKB Ski Arena is located at the Rennsteig about 2 km outside of Oberhof. With its completion in 2003, the attractiveness of ski competitions in Oberhof increased significantly. Since that time, it has become a set venue in the FIS World Cup calendar for Nordic Combined as well as for Biathlon. Also, a FIS Cross-Country World Cup weekend, with a team sprint and the premiere of the mass start over 10 and 15 km, took place there in 2003.

At the stadium (814 m over sea level), there is space for about 15'000 spectators in addition to 10'000 more on the course. The stadium and the challenging courses can also be used for summer roller ski training. They are ideal for races from Sprint to Pursuit - all kinds of competition formats can be carried out there. Artificial snow production guarantees optimal support and preparation for all events.


To arrange for accommodation please contact:

Tourismus GmbH Oberhof
Haus des Gastes
Crawinkler Straße 02
98559 Oberhof

Phone 0049 36842 2690
Fax 0049 36842 26920

E-mail: information[at]oberhof.de

How to get to Oberhof

By plane:

The nearest international airports are Erfurt (distance: 40 km) and Frankfurt am Main (distance: 220 km). To continue to Oberhof from each, choose between a rental car or the public transportation system.

By car:

Oberhof is located in the middle east of Germany. It is 
reachable by the motorway A4 Frankfurt/Main - Dresden, motorway cross Erfurt, continue on the A71 to the exit Oberhof. From Munich you can use the A73 to the exit Oberhof. Parking places are available in the area Oberhof. They are connected with a bus system to get to the venue. Direct access is not possible

By train:

The main train station is in Erfurt (40km) and the local small train station is Oberhof (about 6 km from the venue).

Quick links

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