Photo finishes decide both sprints in Falun

Stina Nilsson (SWE) and Federico Pellegrino (ITA) have won the 1.4 km free technique sprints in Falun, Sweden. It’s the first time we have seen free technique sprints on the sprint course designed for the 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. It took a photo finish to decide both competitions.

Nilsson and Norway’s Maiken Caspersen Falla continued their sprint duel with a thrilling 0.01 separation at the finish. They have now split victories in 10 of the last 11 sprints with 5 wins each. Overall World Cup leader Heidi Weng of Norway took third place +1.88 back.

In the men’s sprint Pellegrino won his first free technique sprint since January 2016 by just 0.6 ahead of Norway’s Emil Iversen. Sindre Bjoernestad Skar took third just 0.47 back and just 0.03 ahead of local boy Sweden’s Oskar Svensson.

  • Nilsson becomes first Swedish female to win a World Cup in Falun
  • First win on Swedish soil for Nilsson
  • Except for Planica 2016 (45th) Falla has finished first or second in every sprint free since start of last season.
  • Weng increases World Cup overall lead to 289 over Parmakoski.
  • Pellegrino now leads World Cup sprint standings by 39 pts over Star
  • Pellegrino now sits 2nd all-time with 8 victories in free technique sprints tied with Emil Joensson SWE
  • Pellegrino now has the most podiums for an Italian in this event with 13. One ahead of Christian Zorzi.



Stina Nilsson SWE
I really didn’t know if I had won at the finish. I had hoped but didn’t want to react until it was official. It was so great to win here in Sweden with the crowd.

Maiken Caspersen Falla NOR
I have begun to train harder again and knew that I didn’t feel so good in Toblach two weeks ago. So I am very happy with today’s result. I feel that my shape is coming back and that my speed is good. I was pretty sure that I was second place at the finish.

Heidi Weng NOR
I had never competed in the sprint here in Falun before. So this was new for me and I am obviously happy with the result. It’s good as well for the Overall World Cup lead as Krista (Parmakoski) was just behind me today so I have a few more points.

Federico Pellegrino ITA
I had such good skis today. I was behind coming into the stadium and then carried my speed well into the final curve and had a wide turn and a free lane and fight for the lead. I knew it was going to be close with Emil (Iversen) but I really wanted this win for myself and the team after sitting out of last weekend’s relay event in Ulricehamn. Now I know it was the right decision for my shape.

Emil Iversen NOR
I thought I had the win today. I didn’t know who was coming but I could feel the shadow. I was very disappointed in the finish but in the end I have to be happy with second place.

Sindre Bjoernestad Skar NOR
It’s really tough to make it on World Cup as a Norwegian and so every time I can make a podium result it is important.


OFFICIAL RESULTS - 1.4 km sprint free

1. NILSSON Stina SWE 3:00.24 (PF)
2. FALLA Maiken Caspersen NOR +0.01 (PF)
3. WENG Heidi NOR +1.88
4. PARMAKOSKI Krista FIN +1.99
5. RANDALL Kikkan USA +2.56
6. SUNDLING Jonna SWE +8.02

Complete results for ladies available .  


1. PELLEGRINO Federico ITA 2:45.77 (PF)
2. IVERSEN Emil NOR +0.06 (PF)
3. SKAR Sindre Bjoernestad NOR +0.47 (PF)
4. SVENSSON Oskar SWE +0.50 (PF)
5. KLAEBO Johannes Hoesflot NOR +1.32
6. PETERSON Teodor SWE +2.08

Complete results for men available HERE


1. Maiken Caspersen Falls NOR 432 pts
2. Stina Nilsson SWE 270
3. Natalia Matveeva RUS 226

1. Federico Pellegrino ITA 259 pts
2. Sindre Bjoernestad Skar NOR 220
3. Sergey Ustiugov RUS 202


1. Heidi Weng NOR 1451 pts
2. Krista Parmakoski FIN 1162
3. Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg NOR 1092

1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby NOR 1218 pts
2. Sergey Ustiugov RUS 981
3. Matti Heikkinen FIN 741


1. Jonna Sundling SWE 157 pts
2. Yulia Belorukova RUS 133
3. Nadine Faehndrich SUI 101

1. Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo NOR 409 pts
2. Jens Burman SWE 225
3. Lucas Chanavat FRA 130