Gasparin and Chernousov won Fossavatn 25 km F

Selina Gasparin and Ilya Chernousov won Fossavatn 25 km free technique. Gasparin won the ladies' race in the time of 1:15:45 ahead of Maria Gräfnings of Sweden and Anouk Faivre Picon of France. 

Men's race 

Chernousov dominated the men's race with a +4:28 gap on the runner up Snorri Einarsson and +10:04 on Alexander Panzhinskiy. 

Top 10 Fossavatn 25 km free

1.Ilya Chernousov1986RUS01:05:34
2. Snorri Eyþór Einarsson1986ISL +04:28
3. Alexander Panzhinskiy1989RUS +10:04
4. Selina Gasparin1984CHE +10:11
5. Maria Gräfnings1985SWE +10:37
6. Gísli Einar Árnason1974ISL +11:48
7. Anouk Faivre Picon1986FRA +12:28
8. John Downing1966USA +20:26
9.Steven Patrick Gromatka1988ISL +21:23

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