Staff changes in the Czech national Cross-Country team

Czech Cross-Country national team has started the training season with several coaches changes. Vasil Husak has become men’s team head coach, he’ll be assisted by the 2-time bronze WSC medalist Dusan Kozisek. Jan Franc continues to be responsible for the ladies’ team, and Martin Koukal will coach the juniors. Ilkka Jarva of Finland carries on working as the coach and advisor. 

The team carried out first joint training camps at home in Pec pod Snezkou and in Oberhof, Germany. The main goal of the new men’s coach to push athletes’ performance and technique forward. “ I would like to implement my ideas and approach so that both athletes, coaches and service staff moves forward, “ Husak said. One of the main goals of the new coach is focus on the technique. “ Our athletes have big gaps in double poling. Their problem insufficient physical shape but suboptimal technique,” he added.

Former top sprinter and 2-time bronze medalist from the World Ski Championships Dusan Kozisek has ended his professional skiing career and joined the coaching staff of the Czech national team as an assistant. “I am giving to my new position a lot of time and energy. My goal is to individually with every athlete and focus on their technique. It is great to see the development. I am sure that guys have been gaining self-confidence, which will be growing with improving results,” Kozisek added.

Czech national team continues to work with Finland’s Illka Jarva. Jarva is going to spend less time at the training camps, however, he remains to be responsible for training analysis and education of Czech coaches.

Several young athletes has recently joined the national team. In the men’s squad it is Tomas Kalivoda and Tereza Beranova and Petra Hyncicova in the ladies’ team.

Czech national team has started the new Olympic cycle with two main partners, Swix and Volkswagen.

Czech national teams

Men: Petr Knop, Michal Novák, Miroslav Rypl, Jonáš Bešťák, Luděk Šeller, Adam Fellner, Tomáš Kalivoda

Ladies: Petra Nováková, Kateřina Razýmová, Kateřina Janatová, Zuzana Staňková, Petra Hynčicová, Anna Sixtová, Tereza Beranová,

Juniors: Barbora Havlíčková, Barbora Antošová, Zuzana Holíková, Pavlína Votočková, Adéla Nováková, Vladimír Kozlovský, Ondřej Černý, Jakub Walchetseder, Kim Žalčík, Tomáš Lukeš