Summer break is over for team Sweden Cross-Country

Swedish Cross-Country Skiers have been training on their own during the summer. On 6th August the team gathered again at the joint training camps in Vålådalen and Sollefteå. 

"It's always exciting to meet the team after the summer. This time we have divided ladies and men in different directions. The ladies go to Vålådalen's mountains while the men will be training in Hallstaberget in Sollefteå," Cross-Country manager Rikard Grip says.

All the national team skiers have showed up at the camp. Also Daniel Rickardsson, who had his foot operated this spring. After rehabilitation on his own during the summer, he is now charged to join the team again.

"It's great that Daniel is back in training so good that he can participate in the camp, even though he does not run full like the rest, but he has to adapt to his rehabilitation plan," says Rikard Grip.

Men's training programme of the camp will comprise of mainly roller skiing, MTB and running with a performance test. Ladies' training log will feature mostly running with long and low intensity training session. 

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